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Eduexpert - Project Method

Eduexpert - Project Method

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Project method is an innovative educational multimedia product supporting preschool education. It contains interactive educational materials in the following areas: social, Polish, mathematical, music and language education. These resources engage children in creative tasks and games. Thanks to various forms of presenting content, such as videos, games and interactive exercises, child development is stimulated in many areas, enabling children to acquire knowledge in an attractive and accessible way.

Discover the world of knowledge with the Project Method! Arouse the curiosity of your youngest students and ensure their full enthusiasm for learning with interactive modules.

The entire product is in accordance with the core curriculum.

Our interactive educational set dedicated to safety rules has been adapted to work with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Type of education: preschool education

Project method contains the following thematic adventures:

  • Healthy Eating,
  • Theater,
  • Fashion,
  • Family.

Multimedia activities included in the program:

  • 12 educational films,
  • interactions to be used in a group,
  • 420 practice screens.

Type of skills developed:

  • cognitive skills,
  • general knowledge,
  • team work,
  • creativity,
  • the ability to think independently,
  • language skills,
  • the emotional area.

Box of materials:

  • access code to the program - online version,
  • sticker for the teachers' room with the login and password,
  • additional teaching materials.

Downloadable and printable materials:

  • game scenarios,
  • lesson plans,
  • product guide,
  • worksheets.

Product: available after purchase and logging into the platform.


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