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Eduexpert - Science-Lab. Fascinating human anatomy. Smell and Taste

Eduexpert - Science-Lab. Fascinating human anatomy. Smell and Taste

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Science-Lab. Fascinating human anatomy. Smell and Taste is one of the four parts of the Science Labs series - an educational multimedia set dedicated to the human senses. This part of the series takes students on an extraordinary journey of discovering the secrets of our senses of Smell and Taste.

Our educational product has been adapted to work with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The entire product is in accordance with the current core curriculum.

Type of education: grades 4-8 of elementary school, secondary school

Science-Lab is available in three language versions - Polish, German and English.

Topics covered in the program:

  • the anatomy and functions of the external and internal nose,
  • the anatomy and cross-section of the tongue,
  • the location of different taste buds,
  • how do the sense of smell and taste work and their disorders.

    Multimedia in the program:

    • 7 educational charts,
    • 3 educational videos,
    • 31 simulations for the entire class,
    • 4 presentations.

      Our educational multimedia program allows students to explore the functioning of our sensory system and understand how our brain processes stimuli through interactive exercises, visualizations and fascinating experiments.

      Box of materials:

      • access code to the program - online version,
      • product guide,
      • sticker for the teachers' room with the login and password,
      • additional teaching materials.

        Downloadable and printable materials:

        • summary tests;
        • test answer keys;
        • the "Worth remembering” series, which includes the most important information;
        • worksheets to encourage students to delve deeper into the discussed topics;
        • a set of ideas for lessons.

          Product: available after purchase and logging into the platform.

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