What is our LMS platform?

Discover a unique system that will increase the efficiency of your educational processes.

Our LMS platform provides convenient access to knowledge and training materials. It allows you to add your own content in various formats, such as audio, video, presentations, courses and files, as well as create surveys, tests and exercises, and a rich reporting module.

  • Fast implementation and setup. Start creating training in as little as 3 days!

  • Ongoing IT support to ensure uninterrupted system operation

  • Possibility to adapt the platform to the customer's needs

  • Pre-implementation requirements analysis

  • Integrations with other systems

  • Additional features that will meet the unique needs of your organization


The LMS platform that powers your success

For business

  • User management Quickly and easily add information about people on the platform.
  • Materials and courses management Create, organize, and share learning materials in one place.
  • Monitoring and reporting Track user progress and generate detailed reports that help analyze training effectiveness.
  • Onboarding Streamline the process of introducing new employees to the organization.
  • Organizational structure Assign users to groups and enroll in trainings based on specific criteria.
  • User import
  • Various content formats Share audio, video, presentations, SCORM trainings, files, and documents.
  • Creating Surveys, Tests, and Exercises: Test user knowledge and collect valuable feedback.

For education

  • Creating courses Create and edit courses, upload your own materials, assign tasks, conduct online classes (with integration with Microsoft Teams).
  • Activity monitoring Check users' progress, time on the platform, task results, or the number of attempts to complete a task.
  • Calendar Information about exams, tests, planned classes and events in one place.
  • Forum Convenient and efficient communication, assigning users to groups and sending notifications.
  • Chat Exchange of messages, creating automatic notifications and support in organizing classes.
  • Easy-to-manage assessment and grading system
  • Integration with USOS Possibility to integrate the platform with other systems and programs.
  • WCAG 2.2 standards. The LMS Eduexpert platform meets digital accessibility standards.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the LMS platform to meet the specific needs of my organization?

Of course. We offer a finished LMS platform, but we also design custom solutions. We can create a system specifically for you and your organization. Contact us and let's talk about the educational challenges of your organization.

Is the LMS platform easy to use?

Yes. Our system is very intuitive and easy to use. To provide you with the highest level of comfort, we can personalize it according to the needs of your organization. We also offer support in configuration and training in using the platform

How long does it take to implement an LMS platform?

The implementation time of the LMS platform depends, among other things, on the scope of functionalities that are to be found on it. We usually implement the platform in the standard version within 3 days. If the platform and its content are to be adapted to the needs of your organization, this time may be longer. In order to ensure the highest possible comfort and effectiveness of use, each implementation is preceded by an analysis of the customer's needs. Thanks to this, we can shorten the implementation time as much as possible and provide you with the solution you need. You can always count on our technical assistance and support in configuration.

Is the LMS platform secure?

Yes, the Eduexpert LMS platform is a Polish-made solution. We are 100% GDPR compliant, we meet WCAG standards for digital accessibility. We have our own servers and ensure the highest level of cybersecurity, protecting your data and platform users from all potential threats.

Can the LMS platform integrate with other systems?

Yes. We provide wide possibilities of integrating our platform with external systems. We enable integration with systems such as SAP, Softlab ERP, Teta or other HR systems. We can also integrate the platform with academic systems, the USOS system and other university programs and tools.