Multimedia designs

Expert knowledge in a creative setting

We combine an engaging form with substantive content

Are you looking for practical and engaging multimedia materials for business, education, culture or publishing houses? Our offer of digital multimedia solutions is a guarantee of innovative, highest quality products.

We create multimedia projects using the latest technologies

2D and 3D animations

They will help you present educational content, visualize complex processes and difficult concepts in an engaging, creative way.

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3D models

Increase understanding and engagement with realistic 3D models and visualizations that perfectly capture the detail and context of your designs.

Learning games

Learn and develop skills in an interactive way with learning games that offer hands-on experience in a safe virtual environment.


Take education to the next level with VR and AR technologies that allow you to immerse yourself in virtual worlds and interact with your course material.

Virtual walks

They will present your facility in a digital form and encourage visitors to visit or take a virtual tour.

How do we work?

We combine a creative, workshop approach with specialist knowledge and cooperation with subject matter experts.

  • Consulting

    We discuss your goals, needs and expectations. We establish the project concept and collect all the necessary information to adapt our services to your needs.

  • Substantive content

    We take care of the substantive aspect of the project. We provide specialist materials from cooperating experts or use content from the client.

  • Planning

    We create a detailed project plan and work schedule. We select appropriate technologies and tools that will best reflect your ideas.

  • Implementation

    Each project is supervised by an interdisciplinary and experienced team: graphic designers, programmers, editors and educators.

  • Presentation

    We precisely adapt the style, content, design and technology of the project to your individual requirements, ensuring maximum reception efficiency.

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The successes of our clients. Together we are creating the multimedia future of education.

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