Transformation in vocational education

With vEdu we assist vocational and
industry  educators in delivering
future-focused content to their students

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  • Step 1

    Plan your lesson

  • Step 2

    Conduct innovative classes

  • Step 3

    Support your students’ independent learning

  • Step 4

    Assess the results of your students' work

Teacher's tools


Choose from: 3D animations and visualizations, video materials, photography and illustrations, interactive stimulators, and schematics.


The teacher gets materials that guide students step by step through the presented topics.


Fully analytics of student’s activity on the platform.

  • 10 modules

  • 10 comprehensivescenarios for teachers

  • 10 multimedialessons for interactive whiteboards

  • 10 e-learningresources for students

  • 30+ multimedia

We empower vocational education across 28 fields

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  • Ready to use content

    Modern multimedia materials for classroom activities. Pre-made lesson plans introducing modern teaching methods.

  • Innovative digital pedagogy

    An intuitive teacher dashboard enabling the monitoring of student progress on the platform.

  • Interactive e-learning materials

    Digital learning content for students to support independent  learning and engagement.

  • Data-driven analytics

    A large amount of data on, i.a. completed activities, time spent on tasks, results achieved in assignments.

  • Effective monitoring and mentoring

    Checking the completion of assigned tasks, the outcomes of your students' independent work and providing feedback.

  • Comprehensiveness

    Engaging and interactive materials tailored for technical and vocational schools - including 3D animations, 3D visualizations, simulations, diagrams and photos.

Invest in the future of your students

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