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ECO Challenges- Eco Trackers

ECO Challenges- Eco Trackers

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ECO Challenges. Eco Trackers is an interactive set of educational exercises designed to introduce issues in ecology. The role of the product is to introduce students to ecological concepts, segregation and recycling, as well as to gain the ability to select information or make good decisions.

Discover the fascinating world of ecology and develop your skills with an interactive activity set that will take preschool and elementary school students on an unforgettable journey through the mysteries of nature, inspiring them to care for the planet and promote sustainable development.

Our educational product has been adapted to work with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The whole is aligned with the current core curriculum.

Type of education: preschool education, early childhood education

The product was prepared in two language versions - Polish and English.

Our interactive set of educational exercises includes 190 practice screens.

Range of adventure education topics:

  • Be eco!
  • Materials and raw materials
  • EKOhistories
  • Eco-tasks

Type of skills developed:

  • Development of the cognitive area, awareness of the phenomenon of ecology,
  • Visual analysis and perception; perceptiveness,
  • visual memory,
  • logical thinking,
  • cause-and-effect thinking,
  • Development of social skills,
  • information selection,
  • Development of the emotional area - developing empathy.

Box of materials:

  • access code to the program - online version,
  • A sticker for the teachers' room with a login and password.

Downloadable and printable:

  • Worksheets in black-and-white and color versions,
  • picture cards,
  • product guide,
  • fiches with ideas for games and activities.

Interactive product: available after purchase and login to the platform

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