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Eduexpert -Maths in use part 2

Eduexpert -Maths in use part 2

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Maths in use part 2 is an innovative mathematical multimedia product aimed at students of the second grade of elementary school. In accordance with the core curriculum, the program introduces basic mathematical concepts and issues in a user-friendly way that is adapted to the students' everyday environment. Through a variety of interactive exercises and tasks, students can develop their math skills in a realistic context, which helps them better understand and apply math in practical life situations.

Our educational product has been adapted to work with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The whole is aligned with the current core curriculum.

Type of education: early childhood education

The product was prepared in two language versions - Polish and English.

Scope of adventure education:

  • Past history
  • Poland in the world
  • Competitions

The innovative mathematical multimedia product includes:

  • 18 educational videos,
  • 9 interactive boards,
  • 18 educational exercises.

The program allows you to develop:

  • mathematics education,
  • nature education,
  • musical skills,
  • teamwork,
  • coding,
  • language skills,
  • logical thinking,
  • cause-and-effect thinking.

Box of materials:

  • access code to the program - online version,
  • A sticker for the teachers' room with a login and password,
  • additional teaching materials.

Downloadable and printable:

  • 15 play scenarios,
  • 6 lesson plans, • product guide,
  • 36 worksheets for use at school and at home.

Multimedia product: available after purchase and login to the platform

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